PDF Manager for SuperOffice

PDF Manager for SuperOffice

Convert your documents to PDF documents with a few simple clicks – easy, fast and reliable.

PDF Manager for SuperOffice will convert any SuperOffice document to a PDF copy by a single click with the mouse. The new PDF copy is automatically saved in the SuperOffice document archive.

Please note 
This page is about PDF Manager for SuperOffice Windows. PDF Manager is also available for SuperOffice Online and SuperOffice WEB. Please refer to Adwiza App Store for more information

PDF conversion and improved document features

  • Fast and easy PDF conversion of any SuperOffice document
  • PDF conversion and e-mail in one process
  • Copy a document in the SuperOffice Activity list with version no.
  • Library of standard documents
  • Attach standard documents in e-mail process 
  • PDF is a standard with no specific demands for applications or computer systems
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Standard documents – new genius feature
If you have a number of standard documents that you attach from a folder to e-mails many times every day, like pricelists, product info and other documents, you will love PDF Manager. PDF Manager improves this process for you. Once your standard documents are saved in SuperOffice, they are available for attachment when e-mailing documents or PDF´s using PDF Manager

Maintain information integrity
PDF files look exactly like the original document and preserve source file information – text, drawings, full color graphics, photos, and even business logic. PDF Manager can handle all this in an easy and efficient way

Free trial  – believe me –  once you’ve tried it, you can´t live without it!
Try the PDF Manager in 2 weeks free of charge. Run the installation from the link and you are ready to use PDF Manager. The installation will only affect your own SuperOffice client. Your colleagues are welcome to try PDF Manager too. 
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