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Online Signature

– for SuperOffice Sales & Marketing


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Online Signature is the easiest way to get your contracts signed within minutes and stored directly in SuperOffice. Your customers will now be able to sign contracts anywhere and on any device. Digital signatures can be applied in all situations where a handwritten signature is required such as loan applications, consent, rental and contracts.

Online Signature save time and money – and improves customer service. 

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You just need to take 3 simple steps:

1. Make your Quote

Prepare your quotation or document as usual in SuperOffice.

2. Notify your customer

You start the signing process directly from SuperOffice. A notification mail is automatically sent to your customer with a link and invitation to start the signing process.

3. Signing and archiving

The customer reads and signs the document online using one of the offered signing alternatives. The signed document is then sent to SuperOffice for archiving and is automatically converted to PDF during this process.

  • The document is converted to a sealed PDF during the process
  • The signed document is visible in the SuperOffice Activity list

In SuperOffice Sales & Marketing you will have an overview of the status of all documents in the signing process. The process is carried out online and is fully digitalized, and will contribute to save time and money and improve the revenue recognition process.

Online Signature types supported:

  • EasySign i.e. touch based on tablets
  • Danish NemID
  • Norwegian BankID
  • Swedish BankID
  • Finnish Tupas
Download Product Sheet 14 Days Free Trial !!!


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The team behind Online Signature for SuperOffice:

Signicat is the leading provider of electronic ID and digital signature solutions. Since 2007 we have supported more than 200 customers in all the Nordic countries improving online customer processes resulting in increased availability, faster time to contract, seamless archiving resulting in cost reduction and increased number of new and satisfied customer. We convert our technology expertise to business opportunities for your company.

Adwiza is the leading provider of modules for SuperOffice. Since 2002, we have provided SuperOffice customers with add-on modules for customizing SuperOffice to individual needs or integration with other systems like ERP systems, telephone systems or online services. Adwiza provides excellence in SuperOffice usability and business value. Adwiza is a strategic partner to SuperOffice.