Expander Design Suite for SuperOffice

EDS Portal Server (*)
New Design Interface
Support for Pocket CRM, Customer Service, Sharepoint etc.

Fantastic new features in Expander Design Suite 4 for SuperOffice

We are proud to announce the major release of Expander Design Suite, also named EDS.

You may use our EDS Solution as a part of the ERP Integration Packages from Adwiza or as a separate product. The new additional features of EDS software will be available to you for free, if you have a valid maintenance agreement.

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Dynamic Selection on EDS Data

Selections in SuperOffice based on external data, is an important feature for many EDS customers. Not easy though, because this is a 2 step process.

First you need to search with EDS Search, then refine the search by using selections in SuperOffice. Or the other way around.

This is history now!

Now the external data fields, from ex. ERP, Service system etc., can be used as criteria directly from the ‘add field’ dialog in any dynamic selections. Example: ”All my A-customers with payments overdue”


EDS Portal Server (*)

SuperOffice become more and more business critical for the majority of our customers.

Some of the information stored in SuperOffice or in EDS, would be useful to share with other systems or with employees, partners or customers without access to your SuperOffice. This have been very difficult to do until now.

EDS Portal Server makes it easier than ever to share data with external users. Please contact us to learn more.

(*) Sold as an optional extra


New Design Interface

During the past 12 years, we have added new features and functions to the EDS toolbox in each version. But reaching all the options were not always an easy task to handle for a SuperOffice consultant.

The new EDS designer is build to ensure that all customers and consultants can achieve success in the design of own tables and screens in SuperOffice – no matter if you are a rookie or an advanced EDS Designer guru.

Support for Pocket CRM, Customer Service, Sharepoint etc.

Big news – EDS is no longer dependent of the Windows Internet Explorer!

From version 4 EDS supports all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.

This opens a range of new features. Now EDS forms can be used in various platforms. In SuperOffice WIN or Web clients of cause, but also in Pocket CRM and Customer Service. And outside SuperOffice with the EDS Portal Server as a part of your website, in Sharepoint etc.



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