ECP Manager

ECP Manager

ECP Manager (The EuroContactPool Manager) can provide your company with the foundation of information, business intelligence and solid data that you need to support your business plans. With the ECP Manager you get a seamless connection to 26 million businesses and 22 million decision-makers across Europe. It eliminates the need to waste hours of valuable time searching for information, and allows you to connect with the right customers quicker.

The ECP Manager also enables you to get up-to-the-minute information, update and improve your own records, plan multi-country marketing campaigns and even find “twins” of your best customers right from within your CRM system.



  • Instant access to accurate, clean, duplicate-free, and complete data
  • Increase productivity by speeding up the sales cycle
  • Targeting and reach the right companies
  • Expand into existing and new markets
  • Boost usage of CRM system by your sales team
  • Find new potentiel customers


About EuroContactPool

EuroContactPool was born in 2004 with a clear concept: to provide a single-supplier, single-price gateway to business data for Europe. Since then they have grown from being a data supplier to be a full service provider with a range of marketing servies such as Data Delivery, Data Quality, Data Intelligence and Data Integration.

Their data and knowledge is used by some of the world’s biggest companies to plan and manage their growth, and by countless others to market their products and services at home and abroad.

Underpinned by the Bisnode Group, Europe’s leading supplier of digital business, EuroContactPool is part of a suite of products that sets the standard for European market information and services.

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