Data Synchronization with SuperOffice

Data Synchronization with SuperOffice

DataSync – Share to improve

With DataSync selected information from third party systems will automatically be transferred to and from SuperOffice allowing the sales staff a better customer insight and a more efficient data handling.



  • Automatic synchronization between SuperOffice and external systems
  • Third party data to be viewed directly in SuperOffice
  • Send changes in SuperOffice to external systems
  • Create SuperOffice selections based on key figures from your ERP system
  • Unique prebuilt adaptors for various ERP Systems
  • Handling of all known formats, e.g. SQL Databases and Excel Spreadsheet


Your Benefits

  • Get a full customer overview by importing selected data into SuperOffice in an automated process
  • Update your data in one place and enhance data quality through a two way synchronization
  • Reduce license costs as external data can be viewed directly in SuperOffice
  • Enhance pro-activity through increased customer insight allowing you to deal with situations before they become an issue
  • Avoid duplicates in SuperOffice and ensure that data is stored on the correct customer card


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