AD Manager for SuperOffice

AD Manager for SuperOffice

Automated user maintenance

With AD Manager you only need to maintain users in one system. User maintenance synchronization is an automated process that secures speedy execution and high quality.



  • Create and maintain your users in your Active Directory only
  • AD Manager monitors changes in the Active Directory and automatically submits them to SuperOffice – no need for manual updates
  • All changes are instantly synchronized with SuperOffice eliminating wait time for the employee who can get to work without delay
  • AD Manager ensure the correct SuperOffice user rights for every employee securing smooth processing of profile change requests


Your Benefits

  • You save time because you only need to create and maintain your users in one place
  • You will enable the new employee to work optimally from day one eliminating downtime and complaints
  • AD Manager enables you to enhance the quality of your task executions
  • AD Manager stores all rules for assigning different user profiles to different user groups, securing continuity in times of turnover in IT staf
  • No SuperOffice administration training for your IT department is necessary
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