Welcome to Adwiza

It is Adwizas mission and spine to develop add-on modules that integrate SuperOffice with other IT platforms and thus optimize users’ working procedures and processes.

Today the Adwiza Team consists of 14 professional and specialized staff who work to optimize the functionality of SuperOffice and therefore opening up of improved performance and efficiency. We are not the world’s biggest company. But we are definitely one of the best.


Our company is credit worthy according to Soliditet's credit assessment system that are based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.

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Who is Adwiza?

Our Company Mission
We make smart SuperOffice solutions excellent by adding modules and tools that allow the customers to customize their SuperOffice to meet specific needs.
The Adwiza Philosophy
We believe in the strenght of skill and innovation and value creation is key in everything we do. We want to make a difference. Not only in the products we develop but also in the way we do business.
The Adwiza Promise
You can count on us. Today and tomorrow. We promise you full SuperOffice integration and solutions designed to grow with your business.
The Way We Work
We deliver our products and services through partners in Scandinavia, Europe and the US. All partners have broad knowledge of databases, high-level integration and SuperOffice CRM. We are mutually committed to ongoing training and education.

Adwiza, a part of Amesto Solutions

Vandtårnsvej 62A
DK-2860 Søborg

Phone: +45 49 22 46 46
Email: sales@adwiza.com

Meet Our Team

Morten Ertner
Morten ErtnerSales Manager
Morten is responsible for our biggest partners and is also highly involved in solution selling together with our partners towards key accounts.

Direct: +45 46 17 01 70
Mobile: +45 26 12 31 24
Office: +45 70 22 85 50
E-mail: mer@adwiza.com
Claus Erik Brendstrup
Claus Erik BrendstrupBusiness Development
Claus is responsible for business development and partner relations. Claus is a true SuperOffice Evangelist and devoted to develop business value in partnerships and customer solutions.

Direkte: +45 46 17 01 80
Mobile: +45 20 44 35 55
Office: +45 70 22 85 50
E-mail: ceb@adwiza.com
Kim Lyngtoft
Kim LyngtoftProduct Manager
Kim is working closely together with our partners to develop EDS solutions and is also supporting partners, who are in need of assistance to our modules.

Direct: +45 46 17 01 75
Mobile: +45 20 18 18 88
Office: +45 70 22 85 50
E-mail: kl@adwiza.com
Lars Madsen
Lars MadsenTeamleader SuperOffice
Lars is responsible for the consultancy team as well as developing new business solutions using all our tools to provide easy usable and value adding solutions that benefits our customers. Furthermore Lars works as a chief consultant helping partners and end-customers in implementation projects.

Direct: +45 46 17 01 71
Mobile: +45 42 48 49 15
Office: +45 70 22 85 50
E-mail: lm@adwiza.com
Poul Erik Bjødstrup
Poul Erik BjødstrupSenior Integration Consultant
Poul Erik works as a consultant in our team of skilled consultants, but specializes in integration solutions.

Direct: +45 46 17 01 79
Mobile: +45 23 31 93 53
Office: +45 70 22 85 50
E-mail: peb@adwiza.com
Allan Berthelsen
Allan BerthelsenTechnical Consultant
Allan is working primarily as a consultant, and is dedicated to providing technical support and know-how to our partners as well as assisting in implementation projects.

Direct: +45 46 17 01 81
Mobile: +45 23 31 92 91 
Office: +45 70 22 85 50
E-mail: ab@adwiza.com
Morten Kristensen
Morten KristensenTeam Leader
Morten is IT-teamleader and developer, and responsible for the Adwiza SCRUM-model, as well as maintenance and development of DataSync.NET, Quote Management and Integration Server connectors.

Direct: +45 46 17 01 77
Mobile: +45 42 41 47 90
Office: +45 70 22 85 50
E-mail: mok@adwiza.com
Søren Hartig
Søren HartigDevelopment Manager
Søren is overall responsible for the Adwiza modules and also works as an expert consultant.

Direct: +45 46 170 176
Mobile: +45 20 90 35 30
 E-mail:  sh@adwiza.com

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Martin Andersen
Martin AndersenDeveloper

Martin is responsible for the development and maintenance of Expander Design Suite, Sales Quotation Manager and PBX Dial and is also involved with some of our internal tools.

Direct: +45 46 17 01 73
Mobile: +45 23 62 60 89
Office: +45 70 22 85 50
E-mail: mka@adwiza.com