What do we offer our customers

What do we offer our customers? We make smart solutions excellent. In other words we develop standardized add on modules for SuperOffice CRM. The sole purpose of our modules is to solve critical business problems quickly and easily.

Consider our modules as the icing on the cake. The cake is good without it but excellent with it. We enable you to truly customize your SuperOffice CRM and while our products are always simple and easily handled, they generate great value.

We believe that an essential condition for a true CRM success is that the software functionality and integration match the unique needs of your particular business. While it is easy to get started with SuperOffice CRM, developing it to grow with your business is an entirely different story.

We can help you with that. We offer professional consulting services, support and business development based on “best-practice” and standard-integration software. And we know what we are talking about.

Funny name, Adwiza…?

Adwiza is a contraction of the words “advice” and “wizard”. It comes with a certain responsibility to be an expert or a wizard in a our field. Therefore, we set high standards when doing business. So you can always count on us. Today and tomorrow.