Want to get close to your customers…?

Yes, please.

All sales companies aim to establish close relations with their customers. The closer they get, the more successful they are.

Consider these five questions:

1) How close are we really to our customers?
2) Do our activities actually lead to increased sales?
3) Do our marketing efforts pay off?
4) How well do we develop our customers?
5) Do we allocate our time to the right customer segments?

The Online Dashboard will show you a clear picture of your customer
interaction and allow you to answer these questions by:

1) Analyzing the level of activities against level of sales
2) Evaluating customer response to your marketing campaigns
3) Analyzing your customer activities in terms of strategic aims
4) Evaluating your customer affiliation and team match
5) Evaluating whether there is room to improve your customer relation

Below are examples of the unique business graphics you can access from your phone, your iPad, or your laptop through the mobile dashboard. Anytime, anywhere.