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Low cost of ownership. The Online Dashboard far outperforms other dashboard solutions both in terms of value
creation as well as cost of ownership.

We feel that this solution should be available to all companies. Therefore, we offer you very competitive standard prices.

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7 euro’s pr. month pr. user

6-20 user license including installation. Based on a 20 users SuperOffice installation.

Sign up and get free installation of the SuperOffice Report Package until 31/12-2013.

The number of licenses depends on the total number of SuperOffice licenses


This solution is Cloud-based which mean no storing costs, no expensive installation and implementation fees, no need for spending
hours of complex introductions. Just install, get started and use. Anytime, anywhere.

We mean it. You really can’t afford to say no but go ahead and try it for free first.

Warning: It’s addictive.

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